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What Is The Function Of The Apple IPad?

Posted July 8th, 2012 by Windows Registry Cleaner | Comments Off

by Dr I Padrik

300px Apple ipad.svg What Is The Function Of The Apple IPad?

Français : Logo de l'iPad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The iPad Laptop is a small flat notebook that is in Slate form. It has a touch screen OS and is used much in the same way as the iPhone. It is a much bigger system, about the span of an open book. This is convenient because one of its main uses is as an eBook device, which allows users to download text onto the screen and read it like a book. It is much like the Kindle product made by Amazon.

It is to officially go on sale at the end of March, 2010 and orders have already broken records. It has gotten huge amounts of press and made its first major appearance on stage at the Grammy Awards. It was used as a plug for Apple, since the iPad was read from to announce the winner.

From behind it looks like a small, closed Apple laptop. From the front, it looks like an iPhone five times its normal size. It has no keyboard or mouse that come with it, though it is very sophisticated technology that is able to play music, record sound, use almost all current Macintosh programs for computer and phone, connect to the web, download many different types of files, and make phone calls.

It weighs just a pound and a half, which is amazing considering its memory and battery capabilities. It connects to WiFi. On the outside, it is easily the simplest of modern Apple products. There is only one USB port and one headphone jack. There are speakers and a microphone built in. That is it.

This product had been in the works for seventeen years before it was finally released in January 2010. Its long production ensured firstly that all the major kinks and problems could be worked out. It secondly made the hype over the product far more than it would have been over any other Apple product.

Despite this, many people were shocked by the price which is five hundred dollars. This is not including if you would like accessories like a mouse or keyboard plug in. Some have wondered at the lack of some features. Perhaps they will be offered later as upgrades in software form in order to make more money. These problems are the device’s inability to run more than one program at a time, no video camera despite the microphone (meaning video chat cannot happen), and problems with the wide screen format.

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the name. Some find it to have repugnant associations and some are upset that the name was not originally theirs, but was rather taken after another product named iPAD was abandoned. Nevertheless, Apple cannot go back on the name now since it has gained so much publicity and is ready to go on shelves shortly.

Lawyers from both sides are unsure to whom the name legally belongs and if there is an impending law suit. It is doubtful it will harm sales at all, though it may delay the product reaching shelves. If there is one, it will be cutting it very close to the release date.

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 What Is The Function Of The Apple IPad?

Why We Need Windows Registry Cleaners

Posted April 14th, 2012 by Windows Registry Cleaner | Comments Off

When someone asks you what kind of operating system you’re using, you will usually assume they are asking you which version of Windows you have installed on your computer. This is because the overwhelming majority of PCs use a Windows operating system. In fact, almost nobody uses anything else. There are some who have Linux installed on their computers, but these folks are few and far between.

Girl at slow computer Why We Need Windows Registry Cleaners

Ever since Windows came on the scene they have employed a filing system which uses a registry. This registry keeps inventory of everything that is involved with any process your computer performs. Some of the things kept track of in the registry are:

  • The different computer users
  • The color scheme of the desktop
  • Where all the files are stored on the hard drive
  • If and when the screensaver starts
  • All the hardware that is installed on the computer

Of course, everything else that has to do with your computer, its hardware, it software and the people using it, as well as who gets what permissions are all information that is contained in the registry.

As you can see, things are constantly changing within the registry. Any file that is added or subtracted has an entry corresponding to its whereabouts in the registry. If you are to add any software or if you delete any software or if you upgrade any software for that matter, things in the registry will change.

Naturally, when you add hardware you will also add a software program called a device driver. This device driver is software and an entry corresponding to it will be made in the registry. The problem is, as time goes on the registry tends to collect entries which are no longer viable. This is because things in the computer change and often when they do the corresponding registry entries do not. This means Windows must execute operations that do nothing more than waste time because of these entries that are no longer accurate.

Hopefully, these operations are only a waste of time and not an operation that would lead to a computer crash because potentially they can do this very thing. However, if these operations are only a waste of time they still can make your computer appear very, very slow. In reality, your computer will be no slower than it has been on its fastest day. However, seeing that it has to do so many more operations to complete what he used to do in just a few makes it appear slow to those of us who are operating it.

When we use a Windows registry cleaner, we are deleting the entries in the registry that no longer are needed. Doing so makes our computer return to its former speed because it no longer has to wade through a lot of garbage to do the things we tell it to do. Also, using a Windows Registry Cleaner will stop computer crashes and freezes that are due to the registry being overburdened with inaccurate information.

 Why We Need Windows Registry Cleaners


Speeding Up a Slow PC

Posted November 13th, 2011 by Windows Registry Cleaner | Comments Off

Your computer can forfeit a little or maybe all its swiftness because of one single, or possibly several reasons. The slow computer 300x200 Speeding Up a Slow PCreduction of laptop or computer swiftness could be the result of software programs having been set up on your personal computer when this PC didn’t satisfy the minimum level of resources needed for this specific program. Really, the problem does not arise all too often these days since most computer systems are very robust.

Malware and spyware could potentially cause computers to lose a bit of or maybe almost all of their quickness. In many scenarios, viruses may shut down the computer completely. Computer virus applications are composed with the actual single purpose of messing up computers. Therefore, if the virus actually infects your computer it could possibly disable it.

Spyware is a little different animal. It is published to acquire information about a person. However, when it is actually undertaking its task it utilizes a lot of your personal computer’s resources and as a consequence slows it down. This is fairly typical these days. Thankfully, nearly all computer systems already have effective virus and spyware and adware software programs installed on them. In truth, Windows OS’s will often help remind you if your pc doesn’t have virus protection.

Quite possibly the most typical rationale a personal computer seems to lose speed is computer registry corruption. Windows registry data corruption develops when computer code is integrated or even taken from your OS. How that computer code becomes transformed is simply by introducing software programs or perhaps deleting them and even replacing them. This is correct even of Windows updates. Yes, as absurd as it sounds, the Microsoft windows update may cause computer registry corruption due to the fact the Windows update doesn’t upgrade your program applications, only Windows. So, a sort of a mismatch can occur.

Computer registry data corruption is kind of innocuous in the fact that it isn’t trying to destroy the computer and it does happen from standard use. Nevertheless, once the pc registry gets to be very corrupt it may make your computer system extremely difficult to operate. As opposed to viruses, it is far from a program that was composed in order to ruin your computers as well as steal info from you. It’s just part of the standard wear your computers meet when we make use of them.

No, the remedy is not to keep the computer turned off. The remedy is to simply employ a registry scanner occasionally to maintain data corruption from developing. Some other difficulties Windows registry file corruption may cause are error pop-ups, freezes and often unprovoked computer system restarting. Over and above this, perhaps a blue screen error could possibly be the result of corruption inside the registry.

 Speeding Up a Slow PC

Register Cleaners

Posted September 3rd, 2011 by Windows Registry Cleaner | Comments Off

Sometimes someone will ask me about register cleaners. He will say, for instance, “Should I be using a registry cleaner3179022643 61c88e3f14 m Register Cleaners
on my computer?” The answer I give him is: no. The reason I say this is there is no such thing as a register cleaner. Let me explain.

I highly recommend every PC user use a registry cleaner. A registry is a part of a Windows operating system. Windows registries easily become clogged up with misinformation. Without getting into the details why this misinformation starts to accumulate in a Windows registry is a whole other topic. One which you probably wouldn’t be very interested. I will say however, the reason Windows registries become clogged up, or corrupt, have nothing to do with user error. Registries have a habit of gathering bad information on their own. Registry corruption is not the result of the user making a mistake of some kind.

When a Windows registry becomes corrupt bad things start happening to the computer. By bad things I mean the computer will slow down. Its performance will suffer and to the computer user it becomes an aggravating experience just to try to do what one would think would be simple things on the computer.

This is where registry cleaners come in. It is the right thing to use a registry cleaner on a computer that has become slow and may be crashing, freezing or doing a lot of other unwanted lamentations. This is because cleaning the registry in such a computer might just fix it. Since it is usually a registry problem that causes a computer to become slow to respond or possibly unresponsive altogether, cleaning the registry with a registry cleaner usually gets the computer working at its full capacity once again.

This brings us to the term “registry cleaner.” Register is a part of the microchips in your computer. One of these chips could be your microprocessor. There are definitely registers in your microprocessor. When we talk of the microprocessor, or UPC, we’re talking about the main chip in your computer.  This could be a Pentium 4, for instance. Obviously, there is no way to clean a register. If your microprocessor were to go bad, you would have to change it.

Microprocessors are very expensive but fortunately they very seldom fail. Conversely, a registry cleaner is very inexpensive but Windows registries become corrupt so easily and cause so many computer problems when they do; using one regularly is a very good practice.

The picture above shows the bottom of a Pentium 4.

cc Register Cleaners photo credit: huangjiahui

 Register Cleaners

Best Registry Fixer

Posted August 20th, 2011 by Windows Registry Cleaner | Comments Off

The best registry fixer around right now is PC Health Advisor. I can say this without reservation because I’ve used it many times o4204282006 918132a294 m Best Registry Fixern many different computers. What I like about it is not only that it is a great registry cleaner but it is also top-notch spyware/malware cleaner and it also updates all the drivers installed on a computer as well.

Advice computer technicians give to people who ask how they can speed up their computer, is to check the registry with a registry cleaner. A registry cleaner will scan all the Windows registry files for errors, misfit and duplicate registry files as well as missing files. The paid version of a registry cleaner will repair all these registry anomalies.

Since registry problems cause computers to slow down and perform poorly, it stands to reason cleaning the registry will fix it. This, of course, is true. However, there are other things that can make a computer slow down and behave poorly. Therefore, until PC Health Advisor came along, a computer owner needed to have three basic computer tools. These tools are: a registry cleaner, a spyware/malware cleaner and a driver updater.

PC Health Advisor is all three of these tools in one. So, after you use it to clean your registry you can use it to rid your hard drive of all malware, which includes spyware and adware, then you can use the same tool to update your drivers.

We have already established that a registry which is in poor condition will make computer behave badly. We have also established that fixing this registry will fix the computer. Also, we have established that a good registry cleaner will do this automatically.

However, it is important to know that spyware and other types of malware will make your computer behave much the same as registry corruption will. Actually, spyware is even worse because it can steal information about you. Still, the point is when it is present on your computer your computer will not work right. In other words, it will slow down and in will be apt to pop up error messages.

Device drivers commonly become outdated. Also device drivers can become MIA. How they do this is fodder for another technical article but the point is drivers do become corrupt, missing and outdated. They do so without anybody abusing his or her computer in any way. When drivers become corrupted or missing or outdated they can potentially make a computer act very similarly to the way a computer will act if it is having problems in its Windows registry.

Therefore, device drivers need to be scanned and updated periodically. When a computer that has been suffering bad performance do to device driver problems has its drivers updated, it will return to performing the way it did before problems started to creep up inside of it.

The beauty of a good driver scanner is it makes updating and repairing and restoring missing drivers a snap. It automatically troubleshoots all the drivers associated with the Windows install and reports back about the ones that have become a problem. It then allows the user to install a new driver in place of the old bad one by simply clicking a button. Furthermore, the most important thing to remember about a driver scanner is that an excellent one is contained within PC Health Advisor.

cc Best Registry Fixer photo credit: ☺ Lee J Haywood

 Best Registry Fixer

Clear Registry Entries

Posted July 23rd, 2011 by Windows Registry Cleaner | Comments Off

It is not unusual for a computer to freeze up in the middle of an operation. Of course, it is very aggravating when it doesimpatient on computer 300x199 Clear Registry Entries because you cannot turn off a frozen computer the way Windows likes to be shut down. All you can do is hold on to the on-off button until the computer shuts down. Worse than this is the fact you may lose everything you been working. All you can do is hope you have an automatic backup somewhere along the way so you wouldn’t have lost hours of work.

So why do computers freeze up? More importantly what can you do to prevent this from happening? The answer lies in not knowing how to fix the computer but how to keep your Windows operating system working at its best. In this article, we will explain.

As time goes on a Windows operating system moves a great deal of information around. Millions of bits of information are transferred from your keyboard to your screen when you simply type one word! So, you can see that a lot happens inside your OS even when you do very little. So, you can imagine how much information is flowing through Windows when you are searching the web or perhaps scanning a picture onto your hard drive.

When this information flows through Windows, it invariably it goes through the center point of the Windows operating system which is known as the registry. The registry is a file system. In fact it is a database. This database is constantly changing to keep up with the fact Windows is constantly changing modes so it able to accommodate all the types of information the computer is processing.

Registry entries are made to keep track of all the users of the computer, how things are displayed for any particular user or at any particular time and what programs are installed on the computer. Registry entries also are made so the computer knows what hardware it is working with. A lot of this registry information changes when Windows and any other program updates. Of course when programs are deleted or new ones are added registry information is also changed.

The problem is, nothing automatically updates the registry when Windows and other computer changes are made. This means unwanted entries develop inside the registry and these entries tend to clog up the flow of information. It is when there are too many of these entries blocking up this information flow the computer gets into sort of a brain overload and freezes.

An easy solution is to simply clear the registry of these unwanted “clogging” registry entries. This can be done easily by using a registry cleaner. Once the registry is clear of these roadblocks not only will the freeze ups stop occurring but also the computer will probably run faster than it has in a long time.

 Clear Registry Entries

Computer With Windows 7 Slowing Down

Posted June 28th, 2011 by Windows Registry Cleaner | Comments Off

Computer slowdowns are very annoying. This is an understatement because in the early days of Windows3474339495 ae2771918d m Computer With Windows 7 Slowing Down
operating systems many computers were given up on and junked altogether because they just became too slow. Other times, the only way to get a computer’s speed back was to reformat the hard drive and reinstall a new copy of Windows on it. Of course, many times the computer owner would use this as an opportunity to upgrade to the latest version of Windows.

I remember these times because I was in the computer repair business even back then. I actually reformatted some hard drives and reinstalled operating systems on them as well. The reason I was forced into doing this is because the registry in the old copy of Windows was so far gone there was nothing anyone could do to bring it back to its original state.

The reason no one could is because the only way to repair a Windows registry back in these days was through the Windows built in program called regedit. For me, regedit work pretty good when there were just a few problems with the operating system. Most times, I was able to find some fractured entries in there and replace them with good ones. The bad news is this process would take me hours to finish.

Nowadays we have registry cleaners. Thank goodness! Because of them, the job that I used to do on Windows 95 would now be done in about 2 minutes. The reason why I’m explaining all this about old computers is because as the old adage goes “the more things change the more they stay the same.”

What I mean by this is all Windows operating systems, including Windows 7, use registries. Furthermore, registries gather corrupt files through the months of regular, normal use. These corrupt files will cause the computer the Windows operating system is installed on to slow down. There are other bad things registry corruption can cause. However, the most prevalent and usually the first sign that these corrupt registry files are present is a computer that is becoming sluggish. The point is; Windows 7 is not immune to registry corruption just because it’s the newest operating system around.

Just like with Windows 95 or Windows 98, cleaning corrupt files from the registry will get Windows 7′s functionality back in gear and allow your high-powered computer to run free. In other words, cleaning your Windows 7 registry will get your computer speed back in most cases. So, if your computer that has Windows 7 installed upon it seems like it’s getting slower, it’s not your imagination, it probably really is getting slower because there are probably corrupt files developing inside of the registry. The antidote: use a good registry cleaner.

cc Computer With Windows 7 Slowing Down photo credit: berrytokyo

 Computer With Windows 7 Slowing Down

Registry Cleaners Review

Posted May 22nd, 2011 by Windows Registry Cleaner | Comments Off

There is a lot of talk about registry cleaners not being necessary. There is a school of thought that says, since we didn’t340910680 1bb283359f m Registry Cleaners Review
use registry cleaners back in the time of Windows 95, why would we need to use them today? To answer this question we need to analyze the differences between Windows operating systems of the Windows 95 era and the Windows operating systems of today. We also need to analyze how our computers are affected by registry corruption.


Compared to today’s operating systems, Windows 95 is tiny. Still however, Windows 95 registries were often affected by registry corruption and in fact, registry corruption was the demise of many a Windows 95 OS.


One of the main differences was back then; Windows registry cleaners were not really available. There was a Windows program called registry checker. This built in Windows program located registry problems but depended upon a technician to come in and fix these problems. This was a far from foolproof method of maintaining a Windows registry.


Many times registry problems caused a computer to behave so poorly the owner was forced to format the hard drive and reinstall Windows 95 or perhaps a newer version of Windows. These problems included computer slowdowns freezes and crashes. Today we would be able to repair these problems easily by using a registry cleaner. This of course, frees us from the burden of reformatting our hard drive and losing all our information that is stored on it.


Today’s operating systems are affected identically by registry corruption. In other words, registry problems will cause a computer to slow down and/or freeze up and/or crash altogether. Those who don’t believe in using registry cleaners often resort to the same remedy they did back in the Windows 95 era. In other words, they would reformat the hard drive and reinstall the operating system a new.


Yes, this would solve the problem. However, it would create more problems than it solves, especially if the computer owner had not been backing up his/her computer files. If they had backed up their files, the only thing that would be lost would be the hours of time it would take to copy these backup files onto the hard drive. If the files had been backed up, they would be lost forever!


Yes, in my view registry cleaners are necessary. Without them we would return to a time when registry corruption meant reinstalling our operating system when it started to misbehave. This is a time I don’t want to return to! Instead, I will gladly opt for registry cleaner any time.

cc Registry Cleaners Review photo credit: zappowbang

 Registry Cleaners Review

Computer Clean Up Software

Posted April 17th, 2011 by Windows Registry Cleaner | Comments Off

Computer cleanup software is a term used to refer to cleaning up files in the Windows registry that are obstructing the

Cleaned Registry 300x199 Computer Clean Up Software

Registry All Ceaned

normal flow of traffic through it. Though the term computer cleanup sounds as if it refers to something used to clean the outside of the computer, the “software” part of the term refers to cleaning up something on the inside of the computer.

There are many terms that are used to refer to a registry cleaner. Computer cleanup software is one such term. Whatever you call them, they are necessary to keep the Windows registry free of useless and nonproductive files. The reason for this is; such files cause problems with the way the computer is allowed to operate.

Bad registry files will cause the computer to run slowly. There are different degrees of how slowly a computer may run because registry files are getting in the way of the normal Windows traffic flow. However, not only will such files tend to make a computer run slowly but also they can cause a computer to shut down, or crash altogether. This could be by means of a computer freeze up or a complete blue screen crash.

The reason this happens is because these non-wanted files give instructions to the computer’s CPU to look for things that don’t exist. When this happens, Windows will have to search the hard drive from one into the other before it realizes it has been sent on a wild goose chase. It can easily be seen how such unneeded activity will make your computer run slowly as it does a series of unneeded and unfruitful operations.

Computer cleanup software or registry cleaners are third-party software programs that are installed on the computer and are able to rid the registry of all unwanted files very quickly. Unlike software programs that were the predecessors to registry cleaners, today’s registry cleaners do the whole process automatically. In other words, there is no need for user intervention at all. You simply click a button and the job will be done.

Registry cleaners are reasonably priced especially when you consider the great service they perform. Most of them will perform a free scan for you so you can see if you have any bad registry files before you need to purchase the license that lets the registry cleaner clean these bad files out. In other words, if a free scan finds your registry to be in good shape there is no need to purchase anything.

Wab.dll Errors

Posted April 3rd, 2011 by Windows Registry Cleaner | Comments Off

A Wab DLL error refers to an error Windows makes while opening up your e-mail address book. This makes sense3247541537 e726357472 m Wab.dll Errors
because wab stands for Windows address book and DLL stands for dynamic link library. Simply put, a Wab DLL error is one that always involves the Windows address book.

Windows address books are part of every Windows operating system. Even though in Vista, Outlook Express changed to Windows Mail, it doesn’t matter, the Windows address book is still contained within it.

Microsoft recommends backing up your Windows Address Book so you will have a copy available should anything happen to it. Here is how you backup your Windows address book:

  • Go to the start menu and then click on computer or my computer.
  • Double-click n the icon of your C drive
  • Double-click program files
  • Double-click Windows mail or Outlook express
  • You will find wab contained in this folder
  • Right-click it and click save in the contextual menu
  • Go to the top of the open box and click on file-new-folder
  • Name this new folder “backup”
  • Open up this backup file right-click inside it and choose paste from the contextual menu
  • Now you will see a copy of your Wab folder in your backup folder
  • Rename it to something like WAB_old

The reason for all this is now if you are unable to open up your Windows address book or there is something else wrong with it like, for instance, all of your addresses were erased, you can move your Wab_old file into the Windows Mail folder and simply rename it WAB.

However, still one problem remains. Many times your wab folder will not open up not because there is something wrong with it but because there is corruption in your registry. Corrupt registry files will lead Windows to believe your Windows address book is located in a place it is not. This is simply the way registry corruption works and it is a very common phenomenon in Windows.

So, the first thing to do when there is a problem with Windows finding a Windows Address Book, or any other folder for that matter, is run a registry cleaner. This will remove the corruption from the registry in Windows will no matter where all of its parts are located. This includes your Windows Address Book. So the next time you open your Windows address book it will be very likely to open.

cc Wab.dll Errors photo credit: Cansu Cender

 Wab.dll Errors