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Registry Utilities

Registry utilities are tools, either built in or external that help in taking care of the duty of keeping your Windows registry free of corruption.  Since some registry corruption will slow a computer down and since a lot of registry corruption could possibly ruin your operating system altogether, registry utilities are very important tools!2443233348 0f304ba6b0 m Registry Utilities

The internal registry utility which is built into Windows XP is Regedit.  It is accessed through the “run” command.  Windows Vista has the same tool but it accessed in a different manner.  It is not recommended anyone use the Regedit utility because if a wrong entry were made into it, the computer could fail altogether.  Regedit use to be all a technician or anybody else had in order to get into the registry and repair any problems inside it.  Since this was prior to the advent of registry cleaners Regedit was the only tool we had to try to repair our failing registries , so sometimes we had no choice but to use it. 

Now, fortunately registry cleaners abound and they will take care of the job of freeing our registries of corruption, automatically!  The advantages of using a good registry cleaner over trying to repair a registry using Regedit are many.  Among these advantages are:

  • A good registry cleaner will not cause any harm to your registry in the way using the registry utility, Regedit potentially could.
  • No training is needed to use a registry cleaner.
  • Free scans are available so you will know whether or not you need a registry cleaning before you go ahead and purchase one.
  • A good registry cleaning utility will have additional functions in the software program that will increase your computer’s speed in ways impossible if you simply cleaned the registry of corruption.  One such operation the best registry cleaners perform is “registry optimization.”

In short, registry cleaners are the registry utilities that take all the hard work a computer owner used to be faced with when he or she was trying to perform the formerly arduous task of getting and keeping a PC fast and error free.

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 Registry Utilities


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