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Windows registry checker software are programs that are downloaded and installed into your computer and have the capability to scan through all the operating system’s registry files finding any registry errors that are present as it scans.  Then, since all modern day Windows registry checkers are really registry cleaners, the program will repair any  errors it has found.  These errors in the registry are also known as registry corruption.

Registry corruption is left behind when any software program is removed from a PC.  Keep in mind all hardware is accompanied by their device drivers and they also, are software programs.  While this may seem like enough of a chance for a Windows registry to become corrupt; spyware is software as well and when it is removed, naturally registry corruption is left in its wake. 

As the annoying announcer on the TV commercial commonly blurts out, “but wait. there’s more!”  Temporary Internet files also have the capability of leaving registry corruption behind after they are removed.  As you can see, registry corruption is impossible to avoid.  This is particularly true in this day of high speed Internet connections.3938403200 3f5c92e991 m Windows Registry Checker

 It is easy to see why registry cleaners are seen as a must have tool for all computer operators.  Registry corruption is the main cause of computer slow downs and computer errors.  You can think of registry corruption and computer slow downs as the same thing because the  loss of computer speed is caused by corruption much more than anything else our computers are confronted with.  In other words, if your computer is running slow, probably registry corruption is the cause.

Of course, there is little that bothers computer operators more than when his or her computer becomes slow.  Sometimes, a PC can become so slow it seems almost entirely unresponsive!  It is usually registry corruption that is behind these types of computer slow downs as well and by far and away the best way to rid a PC of this harmful registry corruption is by using a good registry cleaner

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