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Registry fixes are made to your computer in one way only.  By running  a registry repair software program,registry fixed 300x214 Registry Fixes also known as a registry cleaner.  This is because entering the registry manually in order to hopefully fix a problem is or should be, forbidden.  The reason for this is lot can go wrong simply by making an errant entry into the operating system’s registry.  I you do, restoring the computer back to normal may not be as easy as you might think.

A good registry cleaning program can be far more productive than a human ever could be in detecting and repairing a PC problem.  Sometimes it can take a person hours to track down a particular registry entry that is causing a computer to act in an undesirable way.  A registry cleaner, on the other hand can find hundreds of problems, if there are hundreds of registry problems, in just a few seconds.

There are times some folks like to entry the registry manually to make adjustments to the way your computer operats.  Making a tweak in this way to the registry requires running the operating system’s built in program, Regedit.  Then expanding folders until the right folder is found and then changing a number or a code to the file in that folder.  Sometimes instead of a number, a yes is changed to a no.  Sometimes, though I cringe to think about it, a file is deleted.  I cringe because deleting the wrong file can spell total disaster for the operating system!

Someone told me about entering Regedit to make it so his favorites menu would be alphabetized.   Though I don’t know this procedure off hand, I know one would start by entering the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder which is one of the 5 main registry hives.  After entering this hive I imagine it would require a laborious set of steps to get the favorites menu to be alphabetized.  This fellow admitted it was rather complicated.  I told him if he went to his favorites menu, right clicked on any favorites entry and then chose “sort by name” from the menu, his favorites would become alphabetized.

That is just one example.  For anything you can do by entering the registry there is an easier way to do the same thing through the Windows interface; or as the techie types would prefer saying, GUI.  So, the bottom line is don’t go playing around in the registry to make some kind of tweak.  As far as making fixes to the registry is concerned, use a registry cleaner, it’s much safer and a whole lotb easier!


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