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How To Clean Registry

How to clean a Windows registry now, since registry repair software has become available is an easy question with an easy answer.  The difficult part is making sure you have the right software to do the job because using the wrong software could actually harm your Windows operating system!

How to clean registry in the old days, like in about 2003, it took a lot of patients and a lot of know how.  These were the days before registry cleaners when registry cleaning had to be done by hand.  When a computer was having a lot of errors, crashes and/or running slowly and it was found to be free of 2575811669 4d6c60784e m How To Clean Registry
 and viruses, a technician would be called in to track down the registry problem.

The program a technician would run back in thse days is known as “Regedit.”  Regedit is a program bulilt in to the Windows operating system and is accessed from the run command line.  Once the technician enters the program he finds a Windows Hierarchal structure that consists of thousands of folders and files.  Helping somewhat is the fact these thousands of files and folders used to be broken down into 6 parts.  The parts were referred to as hives.  Actually, Windows registries are still broken down into hives.  The only difference is today there are 5 instead of 6.

It is my opinion, back in these days registries rarely ever were 100% after they developed problems.  Usually, all a technician could do was get the computer running again.  Often its performance would still be below par.  Ah yes, the good old days for we technicians!  Back when almost every computer was crashing all the time!

Then came the registry cleaner.  A registry cleaner can scan through an entire Windows registry in minutes checking each registry entry on the fly.  Checking every registry entry is something a human couldn’t do, probably in a lifetime!

After the registry program is through with its scan it will then go back through and repair or replace the entries it found to be corrupt and just as importantly, it will eliminate the entries that are not needed.  The reason this is important is it is the no longer needed entries which have been left over from previous operations that will often make a computer slow.

So, using a registry cleaner is the answer to the” how to clean registry problems” question.  However, before you go out and get a free scan with just any registry cleaner make sure you take the advice from someone who has used registry cleaners so you know you will be getting a dependable product.  The reason for this is a registry cleaner of an unknown quality may do you no good at all.  Even worse, an outdated or poor cleaner could cause you more problems than you have already!

One final note:  Don’t use Regedit ever!  Not only is it near impossible to fix a registry using Regedit, if you make one wrong entry while using it, it could be curtains for your operating system!

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 How To Clean Registry

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