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Improve Computer Performance

Traditionally, improving computer performance meant improving the computer somehow.  It is only natural to believe that since the computer has lost speed, something must have happened to the computer.  While this may be true in some cases, most times it is not.  Adding RAM 300x199 Improve Computer Performance

Sure, adding more ram and installing a bigger hard drive so your computer has ample room to freely exchange swap files are things that help a computer increase its speed.  However, when your computer becomes slow, it usually isn’t the computer itself at fault.  Most times it is a problem with your Windows operating system.

Viruses and other kinds of malware like spyware for instance, can cause major problems with your OS and so your computer wilol become slow because of this.  Spyware can also do terrible things to your personal life as well because it can rob information about you and your web-surfing habits.

 However, the most common cause of a computer performing poorly, having errors pop up on it and losing all or some of its speed is corruption in the registry.  Obviously, this corruption needs to be cleaned out of the registry in order for the computer’s problems to become fixed.  The only way to do this is to use a good registry repair program, otherwise known as a registry cleaner.

If you are not sure you need a registry cleaner, you can get a free scan and see if there actually is corrupted files in the operating system’s registry before you commit to purchasing a registry cleaner.  In other words, if you know your computer’s registry is clean and your computer is slow or not functioning well, you will know your problem is not with the registry.  In a case like this, the problem is more than likely spyware or a virus.

Yes, it is important to be free of viruses and spyware but since most people already have some type of virus or spyware cleaner installed on their computers and since spyware cleaners clean many virus types and virus cleaners clean most spyware types, the first sign of a computer slowdown usually signals the need to scan the computer’s registry for corruption.

The smart thing to do if and when your computer loses its speed is take advantage of a free registry scan from a reputable registry cleaner.  If it turns out you have a corrupt registry, the solution is simple.  Pay the small fee to register the cleaner and use it weekly, or at the first sign of a performance loss.  If it turns out your registry is free of corruption, it is time to upgrade your virus/spyware cleaner.

 Improve Computer Performance


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