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Regedit cleaner

Regedit cleaner is a sort of a paradoxical term.  Still, it is meaningful in the sense it illustrates what today’s registry cleaners do using the mechanism technicians used to have to use to clean corruption and repair bad entries in a Windows operating system’s registry.

Regedit is a built-in software program technicians use to modify settings in  a Windows registry.  At one time it was the only way anybody could replace a bad entry that had been placed into the registry by software the computer was running.  Thank goodness regedit was available. 

Without regiedit Windows registries could not be repaired and therefore a computer’s performance would suffer. Bad enough its performance would suffer but registry corruption has a way of compounding.  Therefore, a small amount of registry corruption would eventually lead to major problems.  Eventually, a hard drive reformat would be the only hope there would be to get the computer functioning again.

regedit1 300x256 Regedit cleaner


On the other hand, probably more operating systems were destroyed by people working in regedit than by the corruption they were looking to remove.  This is because regedit is not a user friendly type program.  When you enter something into the registry it takes affect right away.  There are no warnings such as, “Do You really want to do this?”

Regedit is very unforgiving.  So much so, the wrong entry into the registry could actually make it impossible to get back into regedit to remove that entry.   In other words, it is inadvisableto use regedit without  the supervision of a Microsoft Certified Engineer.

On the other hand, any one of us can use a highly recommended registry cleaner without fear of serious consequences.  It is true, using a low grade registry cleaner can do more harm than good to a Windows registry, but using the right one will free you of that worry.

Registry cleaners are necessary because of today’s titanic operating systems.   Their periodic use will keep a registry free of corruption and therefor the computer will remain fast and run smoothly.   They will make repairs to registry faster than a technician could type “regedit!”  Because we now have these cleaners at our disposal we don’t need regedit at all.



 Regedit cleaner


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